Friday, December 11, 2009

Coffee Talk 12.11.09

Good Morning Ladies,

Come in and grab a mug of hot chocolate and a pecan sweet roll. I would like to tell you it is from my Christmas baking. I can't, because I haven't actually started my Christmas baking. Instead, I hit our favorite part of the grocery store, the "Oops, we baked too much" rack. And friends, it is worth the calories, even if it isn't home made!

Like everyone else this time of year, the days are flying by in a blur filled with far more plans than could possibly be done! This week has been no exception. Monday, we had the city Christmas Parade. I already blogged (or rather vented) about that this week, so I will just leave that alone. Tigercub also began running fever Monday and by night's end had 104. Which is scary. Tigerfan took him to the doctor Tues. and found he had an ear infection, but that the high fever was viral and possibly Swine Flu. However, true to his predictions, by yesterday, the rascal was fever free and his old self again!

Along with our normal schedule this week we have had dentist appointments, shopping, parades, guitar practice, cheer leading, basketball practice and today, Football boy will go caroling at a local nursing home. I have found myself a little grumpy, a lot sleep deprived, and contemplating how, exactly, do other people "get it all done". I know you are really not supposed to compare yourself to others. I know I can't see "behind closed doors" and what seems to be a together person might be falling apart behind the scenes. I really wish those people would let me see their craziness, maybe then I wouldn't feel so bad.

Normally, we do our Christmas shopping very early. In fact, I am usually done or almost done by Thanksgiving because walking in stores after that brings me freakishly close to a nervous breakdown. People, I did not do that this year. I just let time get away. Now, it is14 days before Christmas and I have two presents under the tree. I have a few more waiting to be wrapped. But I have A LOT left to do. And worse, I don't even know what I am going to do.

I am being punished for being prideful, because I do pride myself on being able to come up with really cute, creative gifts. I try to put together fun things for my distant nieces and nephews and really good teacher gifts that don't include teacher ornaments, candles, etc. This year...I've got nothing, NOTHING. I have splintered ideas that I can't quite bring to a finish, and I am running out of time, AAAAAGH!

I don't even have an idea for my own husband (that is another post altogether)! However, he told me yesterday what he had tried to get me. And, ladies, this is the sign of a good man who listens/knows your heart, because I never would have even THOUGHT to ask for this myself. My man.....was going to give me chickens and a chicken coop! I have always wanted a few chickens to get eggs...and he was going to do it. Only, who knew, you can only buy chickens in march! All day yesterday, I just dreamed of chickens and farm fresh eggs. He doesn't even have to do anything else, I am just beside myself that he would come up with that!

In other news, we woke up this morning to cold water again. Apparently our water heater, that has an internal heater so it won't freeze, froze. Which really isn't all that surprising considering our luck with plumbing. However, it sure does make getting a shower I am blogging instead!

Well, I would love to stay and chat, but I should probably go use my time a little more wisely. Hope everyone has a great weekend filled with Christmas cheer! In the hustle and bustle of it all, remember that the reason for this time is the celebration of the birth of our savior. Spend a little time reading Luke 2 and remembering Jesus left the splendor of heaven, to be born in poverty for you and me!

God bless you!

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JadeLD said...

Good afternoon,
Cold water - that's a horrible start to the day. I haven't done any Christmas baking yet, but we are going to make some tablet for presents for family. I found a great recipe recently which I posted about...

I need to get my boyfriend to help though because it required a lot of stirring and beating! It's a great sweet treat though.

Glad to hear Tigercub is well and swine flu free, I had the vaccination for swine flu this week and my arm is still sore 5days later!

Good luck with the Christmas shopping and enojoy the holiday!

Lea said...

Enjoyed our visit this morning! And, always know, that no matter how together someone may appear, no one can be together all the time. It just ain't happening! :o) Hang in there and wish I lived closer and I'd help you with some of your holiday endeavors.

carikaufm said...

Oh girl...I hear ya...we are doing our Christmas shopping at Lowe's this year unfortunately...(not anything like your summer, but not pleasant nonetheless)- looks like a new garbage disposal, light fixture and (hopefully) a new mattress for us for Christmas this's that for easily wrapped?
Keep on will surface soon! have a great weekend!

pendy said...

You know, I usually have all the gift shopping done way in advance but this year I just haven't. I don't know if it's because I'm focusing more on people and setting a welcoming atmosphere in my home, or what. I do know that there are gifts left to buy but also I will be buying fewer gifts for each person this year. Again, focusing on being together as the main thing. I've also done some advance food prep, which I think will make me a lot more pleaseant when family is here!

Michelle@Princess At Heart said...

Hello, enjoyed visiting your blog this morning. It's nice to know that I am not alone in the Christmas shopping (behind!) department. This month has flown by! With the cold weather we've been having, I just want to stay indoors!! Merry Christmas to you and yours~enjoy the days leading up to it! Loved Your Christmas fun post too.~Michelle

Diane said...

Wow, glad Tigercub is ok - fevers that high are scary; good thing kids are so resilient.

Deep breath - the important things will get done. It may be different than past years, but that can be good, sometimes.

I, too, am almost present-less at the moment, and I am making several. Good thing I'm off work the week of Christmas!

Erin said...

Oh my, cold water on a day like today, I am so sorry. Hope it warms up soon, and stays warm.

Happy, shopping, and remember there is always the internet. A little extra for shipping, but good mental health is the pay off.

Growin' with it! said...

well lady...i'm impressed you even have presents wrapped! as for the cold shower? at least it'll wake you up and get you wide-eyed for all you have to do!

Aiming4Simple said...

It sounds like you prefer to speak love through thoughtful gifts. I think it is hard to come up with something stellar every year. Have you ever heard of the 5 Love Languages? I'll bet if you gave in the language of each recipient, they'd probably love it.

Thanks for stopping by for "coffee" today in the midst of this busy season!

Anonymous said...

104! That is a bit scary. Glad he's okay.

I just try to find good deals online, and if at all possible, free shipping. I don't have a shopping bone in my body. It's horrible.

I'm more or less from "the city" so I have no idea what to do with a live chicken.

Beth said...

Splintered ideas without a finish.... you've perfectly described me and my gift giving issues! I'm struggling to think of how I can be creative and cost-effective, and of course, when I can actually get things done since I have final exams to give and grade next week and my masters degree to finish within the next two! So.... good luck with yours, and hopefully I'll get something good going, too. :) And may your water heater be WARM. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh big hug!! What a week! So glad Tigercub is okay! You're right high fever is frightening.

"How does everyone else get it all done?" you ask....They don't! I can give you a long list of my un-accomplishments, but I've done some things too. You've accomplished a bunch this week. Hang in there girl! Take one bite at a time and before you know it the elephant will be gone! Praying you get more done this week than you thought possible!

Cold shower?? That's is enough to put a girl over the edge to be sure! I hope that is already resolved!

I absolutely love what you said about Jesus..."He left the splendor of Heaven to be born in poverty for you and me." It's an overwhelming thought! What an incredible love!
Jesus is the reason...for all we do!

Rachel Anne said...

Oh, Star, Star, Star. Come see my craziness and you'll feel better.

I do know the feeling. I stumbled across someone's GORGEOUS blog, filled with Christmas delights and got so depressed I hated my life. I was not very happy for someone else's good fortune to have the time/resources/creativity/camera to pull off all that. Lord, forgive me.

Anyway, will you get the chickens at some point? What a thoughtful man...but my word, that seems like a lot of trouble for fresh eggs.

Here's to a great week....creative gift swine flu...contentment and joy!! I'll have some of that too.