Thursday, February 26, 2009

Coffee Talk

Good Morning! Come on in and help yourself to a drink! I wish I could join you, but I have just dropped off all my sickly children at my MIL's and have jutted off for the day and night with my sweet Tigerfan!

After weeks of sick kids and 3 with ear infections right now, this is a much needed getaway (although I will owe Nana BIG!). We plan on shopping, eating well and enjoying one another's company without having to dose out medicine, change diapers, cut up anyone's food or break up any fights! I can't wait!

Bear with me! I probably won't be by to visit until Sunday but I look forward to catching up with everyone then! Have a great weekend. I plan on it!


Growin' with it! said...

now this seems like something that has been a LONG time coming for you! oh how i hope you get some good rest, some good chatting w/ your man and a great time together.

Aimee said...

Have a FABULOUS time!! You need it, mama :)