Friday, February 20, 2009

Coffee Talk: Needed, Computer Specialist

Okay, Company Girls, grab a drink, come on in and HELP ME!

This whole linking, grabbing the Company Girls thing is driving me crazy! I had a whole post for today. I thought I would outwit my computer (Ha!). I grabbed the code from the Home Sanctuary page. I pasted it in HTML code thing and then instead of going back to compose, I typed the whole post right there. I previewed was perfect. I saved it. Then I went to Compose to do spell check.

All I could see was the Coffee Talk picture and the very last line of my post, highlighted in blue. The rest...gone. I went to where I had saved it, gone. I am not computer literate, earlier this week, I deleted all my comments from a giveaway post, so I am totally aware that this is probably user error, but it is making me CRAZY!

Someone, please be a bright spot in my day and help me.

I tried to do it again. Went to the Home Sanctuary page, copied the code, put it into Html code, changed to compose...gone. when I go back to Html, it only says this:

okay, this is where I try to show you what it says...but I can't, because it keeps disappearing...html, you are dead to me!!!

Why is it that everyone else can do isn't rocket science. Is it?

If anyone can help me and solve this mystery for me, you will be my best friend...hey, I might even do my second ever giveaway and not even delete all the commenters!
***three cheers for Kerri---I don't know if this is the "right" way to do this...I don't think you can click on it and go to the Home Sanctuary page, but it is at least here and gives credit where credit is due. There is much rejoicing going on in the Tigerden right now! Who knows what I may do to celebrate...


Kerri said...

I right clicked on the coffee picture and just saved it onto my computer. That way, I can just upload the picture each Friday and don't need a code! Very easy~

Now we have time for a cup of coffee or two since we have that problem solved.

Enjoy your day!

Ridenour Family said...

I saved it to my computer too. Now the problem is remember where I saved it at! Glad that you figured it out! Thanks for having us over!

Growin' with it! said...

when i am posting and using a code, i select the "edit html" tab on my post and enter the html code there, then when i click on compose shows up and i finish writing my post in compose mode. then when i hit publish, the picture shows up for people to click on it and be transported.

hows that for clear as mud?

CindyC said...

I just did what Kerri said and saved the picture to my computer. It's been more trouble than it's worth for me to try to do it another way.

I so understand the "lost in cyberspace" dilemma - I'm sorry! But thanks for persevering and posting anyway!

Happy Mommy said...

I always save pictures to my picture file on my computer and then I upload them that way...
Sorry you deleted comments, I hate when stuff like that happens!

Crazy Lady Cheryl said...

Consider downloading Windows Live Writer - it allows you to easily copy/paste graphics onto your post by right clicking, choosing "copy", then pasting directly into what you are writing. It really simplified my life!!!

Thanks for having us over! :)

mholgate said...

The same thing happens to me. When you go into HTML to past in the logo and then go back to compose, part of the text gets deleted. Every time. I just make sure to spell check and finish up before I go to paste the logo into HTML so that I can publish directly from there.

Glad you didn't give up! Have a great weekend! :)

Naomi said...

don't you just love cyberspace?
hope you have a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes technology drives me crazy. They fail us at times because they're made my humans, and humans fail us at times. =\ I was having trouble unlinking some things from one of my blogs. Glad it worked out. Have a great Sunday.

Rachel Anne said...

I'm so sorry that the logo thingy has caused you such pain! I know well the pain of technology....I know just enough to make myself crazy because I am neither good nor fast at any of it!!

I don't know anything about blogger...I'm glad you got help from people who do!