Friday, January 13, 2012

Coffee Talk 1.13.12

I know, nobody actually believes this, but I have to be short and sweet today because we have a CRAZY day ahead of us!

I am in desperate need of a haircut, so I have an appt. at one, followed by F.B.'s guitar lessons at two, followed by dancer's dance class at 3:15, and if the Lord is smiling upon us, we might be able to slip in a Sonic Happy Hour trip!  It would also be divine if we could make it to the library and the boys have ballgames tonight probably starting at 5:00.  I also promised the kids that I would make baked potatoes for lunch and we also must fit some actual school into the day!

I totally planned, also, on making a totally unhealthy but very delicious looking Pinterest recipe tonight...and haven't totally given up on the idea, although I am not totally sure how to work that into the schedule.

Yum, right!  Pizza casserole!  Trying to figure out how to make it in advance, then cook and eat it before the games. to cook it before the games and then bring it with us so we can eat it at the games, therefore omitting SOME of the begging for junk food that is in the concession stand.

Anyway, as for the rest of our week...we have done quite a bit toward the adoption so if you want to check out that update, you can find it here.   If you want the short version...we have met our social worker, none of us have a criminal record, our water has too much chloroform ***Tigerfan amended his original report, he misread and we do NOT have chloroform (whew!) we have coliform which is much less harmful but not nearly as funny! and I may or may not be issued a passport!

Now, I have a puddle of Kool aid on the kitchen floor, a screaming four year old on the fit rug and two older children who are totally not buying the fact that if they don't finish school today...they WILL be doing it tomorrow!  Which also reminds me that F.B. will be attending his first high school formal tomorrow!  I use the term formal loosely and we hope that he actually goes with, you know, pants on because finding a 28w 32l dress pant for a reasonable price is IMPOSSIBLE!  So yes, the formal is tomorrow, and no, he does not yet have anything to wear to said formal!  Good times!

Anyway, hope to visit around some this weekend, hope you all have an amazing, blessed weekend and be sure to visit Home Sanctuary for more Coffee Talk.


Diane said...

I totally believe you have a crazy day in front of you! Will pray it all goes smoothly.

My, that casserole looks fine. Does your oven have a delay bake feature, so you can set it up, put it in and set the timer for a later cook time? I only use my delay bake in winter, when my house is fairly cold and there is no danger of the casserole spoiling in the heat before the cooking begins, but it really is handy. Can the recipe be adapted for the crock pot for future use?

Hmm, I think this talked me into pizza for dinner...have a blessed day!

Katharine said...

Thanks for making me laugh outloud, and for helping my know I'm not alone in the crazy busy department! I've made pizza casserole before, and it's not too bad on the healthy scale! I use WW pasta and throw in some veggies and use a low fat turkey peperoni(they eat it up so it can't be that bad) Godd luck with the pants...and have a wonderful weekend!

HDMac said...

Oh... my gosh.. Pizza Pasta Casserole is one of my favorites... although I am not eating it right now.... and will have to think of a healthier version when I have gotten to goal! I am a grandma and my family LOVES this... we had it for our ALL FAMILY Christmas get together this year and everyone loved it. (I didn't have any, though! lol) That's ok... being with my family was blessing enough for me! :)

jennibell said...

Your day sounds like a "typical" day around here. . .it was funny, when I was homeschooling, how *little* time we actually had for schooling -- ha!! I called it "flexible schooling" because we took it on the road, did it on holidays and weekends. . .just so it got done, right? The casserole looks great and I used to make a version of it but now that I have a child who cannot have dairy/cheese my casserole days are all but over. I did find a stromboli recipe on pinterest that I want to try using frozen bread dough. . .thinking I can maybe not put cheese on a section of it for him?
Hope you make Sonic Happy Hour! That's my Friday treat for my kiddos when we make it :)

Anonymous said...

Coliform = not as funny


Hope you had a great day.

Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

Gotta try that casserole for sure. We're big into pizza, so this should be right up our alley.

I don't know how you keep up with yourself. Makes me tired just reading about all that you had going on today.

Hope it's a great weekend for you and yours!

Anonymous said...

I have never tied pizza casserole but will have to give it a go. My crazy day is driving me crazy...hence the five minute tea and blogging break I'm taking now. Hope your day is going to plan.

Kathleen @ Kath Ink said...

I hope you found some pants!! We love pepperoni casserole -- the kids ask for it a LOT!