Thursday, March 3, 2011

Coffee Talk 3.4.11

Oy, what a week! They tell me that at some point life will slow down and we will miss weeks like this one. They tell me to savor these moments and enjoy them because they are too short. They say that one day I will look back and wonder where all the time went. Right now...I'm just wondering where and when does sleep fit into the picture. Can I get an Amen?

To be honest, I'm so tired...I don't even want to think about what to type in this post but I'm afraid that if I keep skipping the only day I blog, that even this little part of my world will drift away and it is my one little connection to my far away family. So here things are in a nutshell.

This week has been full of storms (weekend and beginning of week), school, church, apartment ministry, tutorial, dance, Wednesday night church activities including being in charge of snacks for Bible Study...because I also have a 10 year old turning eleven this week and 8 10th graders/young men staying at my house this weekend so I needed something else to prepare...BIRTHDAY for my 10 (now 11) year old...which I totally MEANT to blog about. Here is the best I have got. A year old picture, but isn't he just precious!
He has been so completely beside himself about turning 11. I'm not sure if it is 11 or the fact that he was hoping beyond all hopes for an iTouch. Thankfully, my in laws went in with us and were able to find a refurbished one that was within our budget and his techno dreams came true...not sure how long the joy will last since there is NO WAY he is getting internet access on that thing!

This morning we are headed off to a school play (one that I would have not committed to if I had really thought things through), then guitar at 2, library and somewhere in there I need to grocery shop for the weekend, fix and eat supper and have FB to the church at 7 for the weekend hoopla. We are hosting 10th grade boys and are responsible for feeding them breakfast and supper on Saturday. The words of advice I have received are: have LOTS of food.

Did I mention I haven't cleaned house? At the beginning of the week, that seemed like a good strategy...I mean when you have four kids, what is the point of cleaning house a week before it is needed, now with not one spare minute on the horizon, I am just praying that the bathroom chores fell to a responsible child last time...and deciding that clean underwear is really overrated!

It is humbling, as I read back on this post...because I am tired, I'm afraid I will miss visiting with many of you over the weekend (please don't be offended, I'll do the best I can), I'm craving sleeping in...and yet every single one of these things is such a privilege and such a blessing. If all I have to worry about is a too busy schedule and healthy children that are involved in too many activities...WOW! I deserve none of this. I deserve death and Hell. I am sinner. I am selfish. I am proud. And yet, I have four beautiful children and a home that I can host youth in. I live in a country where blessings abound and where I am rich compared to most of the world's standards. I have been taught the name of Jesus and I KNOW what He has done for me. I have the assurance of salvation...not because of anything I have done...but because of His marvelous grace...undeserved, unearned, unmerited grace, offered freely to me. I am so grateful for that amazing grace.

How I hope each of you has that same peace. I hope you can each say...I am tired, I am over worked, I am under appreciated...but I am so blessed, because I know the name of my redeemer. I know my redeemer lives. Thank you, Jesus!

And if you don't know...I am praying for you. Because there is a hope and a peace that passes all understanding that comes from a savior who would (and did) go to the depths of Hell for you. Please let me share Him with you if you do not know Him, let me pray for you, and allow yourself to be blessed by Him.

Praying you all have a blessed weekend, for more Coffee Talk, go to Home Sanctuary.


Katharine said...

Whew... I so understand the chaos of a six person schedule!Beleive it or not, last Saturday, I slept in. It happens. It might not happen again for a while but it did! And you are right. For all the craziness there is God's unbelievable peace, and strength, and Grace. Trust me when I say that 10yr olds could care less about the cleanliness of your house. They honestly don't look. I hope you can take the weekend one small moment at a time, enjoy the kids and know that you are being prayed for, that God would strengthen you, keep you and help you know what to keep and what to let go of...

Diane said...

How wonderful that in the midst of all that sleep deprivation and busyness, you can still not only count your blessings, but pray for others! God bless you for your faithfulness.

On the itouch - anywhere there is wireless that is open to the public, he will be able to connect to the internet (Starbucks, Panera, a lot of bookstores etc). I'm not aware of any way to lock it out, but you can ask to see the unit every so often, and you can see not only what apps he has added (only free ones unless he has access to a credit card) AND the history of sites he looked at on the web browser. Feel free to e-mail me ( if you want a tutorial.

jennibell said...

I love reading your entries, visiting with you. You sound so busy and so incredibly blessed. I love that reminder that you posted at the end, about being blessed and not deserving. . .so appropriate. I read it twice. Thank you. Have fun this weekend! (Just don't tell my 12-yr-old about the itouch -- we are not ready for free reign on the internet!!! In fact, we have Netflix set up with a password. . .one of these days we are going to have to let up a little bit. . .)

Anonymous said...

He is just precious! Happy birthday to him, and I do remember 11 was an exciting age! We are blessed!

Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

Oh, my goodness Star! You make my head swim with all you have going on. And, yes, it will be the future before you know it, but that's doesn't diminish the fact that you are very much over worked and likely under appreciated at this moment. I'll be praying for you this weekend. We've "been there, done that." DNow is a lot of work but the kids absolutely love it and their souls are richly blessed as a result of these types of events.

Thinking of you in a special way my dear! Hang in there!

Milica said...

Wow! That is a crazy busy week! Good luck getting through the weekend with all those teenage boys! You are right to count your blessings!

Marianne said...

Oi, I hope things calm down a little over at your house soon. Just remember to get some breathers in ever so often and take care of yourself. If you don't put your oxygen mask on first, you might not be able to help anyone else.

LydiaCate said...

Amen sista!! Oh I feel ya. I don't know how you do it all. You are involved in lots. I know the Lord will give you what you need to get it all done. Hang in there!

My 13 year old son has an itouch that he bought with his own $$. My just turned 10 year old in Jan. dd wants one. She's not ready for one(for responsibility and self discipline reasons), we don't have the $$, and she doesn't have the $$.

Hope your DNow weekend goes great. I know the boys will be blessed being in your home and bet not one of them brings white gloves!

Blessings to you!!

mholgate said...

Oh friend, I will give you an AMEN! :)

I can relate to just about everything you said. With my husband gone away to a convention to order product for our store last week, I was VERY stretched. But God is so good, and you WILL look back on these years with joy. Hang in there!

"The LORD gives strength to His people; The LORD will bless His people with peace." Psalm 29:11

God bless you with strength and peace this week!


samantha said...

Wow. I know the feeling of being sleep deprived. You should just go ahead and plan a day this week to sleep in, even for a half hour. I believe that we as wives and moms need to take care of ourselves and pamper ourselves in some way if we are to take care of our families. Next month I will be totally sleep deprived, as I will be due to give birth. I am doing all I can to be prepared. I love your thinking at the end of your post, about how we are sinners, yet we are incredibly blessed.