Friday, February 11, 2011

Coffee Talk 2.11.11

Good Morning! I hope you all are warm and toasty because we are FREEZING here in West Tennessee. Several years ago, Tigerfan and I started saving to purchase new windows for our house. Each time we seem to have a little built up, something more pressing comes along...usually in the form of water leaks. This winter, we are feeling the lack of good windows. The thermometer says the house is a toasty 72 but my body's shaking and shivering says that 72 is leaking out and being replaced by the 4 degrees outside...and I don't like it!

As a result...I have found myself to be a bit of a slug this week. What is it about cold that makes you crave carbs? And if I am freezing and I know exercise will warm me up, why would I rather just sit under a blanket and freeze to death? It doesn't make sense...and yet, that is where I am!

So, grab a cup of hot chocolate, or I can even offer some powdered cappuccino for you coffee (and sugar) lovers! As for treats...I am trying to keep only healthy options around here...but hubby snuck in some chocolate last night and the grocery store had some DELICIOUS strawberries on sale yesterday, oh the joy!

Now, onto what is happening in the Tiger den...Last Tuesday at tutorial, Tigerteen got an assignment for Science. He had one week to build a balloon powered vehicle that will travel 5 meters (about 15 feet). Usually this would not be a big deal, but we were leaving Thursday afternoon to go to Louisiana and would not be returning until Monday. That gave us Wednesday to plan, buy supplies and build the car, which also could not have real wheels (it had to be non traditional, milk caps, cd's, etc.). By 10:00 Wednesday night we had the third model that would travel approximately 1 inch. I might have had some unkind things to say.

We left Thursday and drove out of the clear but cold weather in TN, straight into an ice storm in Louisiana...because who doesn't do that. We spent Friday iced in. However, the house we were staying at was blessed to have power all day, most of the town was not so lucky. By Saturday, the weather cleared and we were able to go visit Tigerfan's grandmother at the nursing home and get in a bit of shopping. Sunday, I was blessed, after church, to be able to visit with Mrs. Lea from CiCi's Corner. I had such an amazing time! In the true southern way...she had a "happy" for me that I totally have a picture of, unfortunately, it is locked in my camera and I still have not learned how to put them on here! One of these days, ladies, one of these days. Dancer went with me and while we visited, she was treated to rides around the neighborhood on the golf cart. She is already begging to go back! I was really blessed by the sweet fellowship. One of the "hazards" of home schooling is a tendency to become a bit isolated and when you are an introverted home body, it is even worse. The chance to just visit with another ADULT lady was AMAZING!!! Unfortunately, I didn't even bring my camera...but of course Mrs. Lea had one so go check her out, I am sure she has posted a picture or two.

We drove home Monday. Before we even got out of town, we began getting calls form home warning us about the weather. Jackson had been hit with another snow storm. Schools were being let out and the roads were awful. We began to wonder a) would we be able to GET home and b) why do we keep driving INTO the bad weather? We made it safely home and got to work on improving the car that was due the next day (the lady we stayed with had helped us a little and we came home with a new model that had potential) we got it to move a whopping 6 feet. I must admit to wishing tutorial would be cancelled giving us an extra week to work on it...and lo and behold, about 9:00 we got an email saying that due to the icy conditions, we would NOT have tutorial. I might have done the happy dance! Wednesday, it began snowing again. Thursday, tutorial was cancelled again. It has been a glorious week for a home body. However, this morning, I am COLD and ready for spring again!

This weekend will be packed with guitar lessons, basketball games (4 of them) and a party for a friend. Dance and an overnighter have been postponed so at least we can check a couple of activities off the list. So how about you...any exciting weekend plans? Oh, and if you happen to be a physicist and can give us a pointer on how to make this dadgum vehicle move farther than 6 feet...feel free to give us advice! Everyone else, have a great weekend and I look forward to visiting with y'all! Don't forget to check out Home Sanctuary for more Coffee Talk.


Diane said...

LOL - a much bigger balloon? From a long ago physics class...friction of the wheels on the ground will slow it, so you want narrow wheels (CDs sound good). You may want to check the bottom of the car - how the air travels under it can also slow it.

What a challenging trip, weather-wise. Yet filled with blessings, from the sound of it. The pictures of your visit with Mrs. Lea are so very cute - Dancer is a little darling!

Your description of your reaction to cold is exactly what happens to me! Blankets, hot chocolate, other chocolate and a huge bowl of pasta, or a carb-heavy casserole.

Lea said...

I just told Hubby yesterday that if I lived in the North I would weigh 200 lbs. Something about the cold and staying in that just makes me want to eat. Ugh!

Looks like Diane had some good ideas about the car. Me, well, would not have a clue, but I bet Hubby would have all kinds. We should have discussed that last Sunday. :o)

Wishing you and your sweet family a wonderful Valentine's week-end!

Katharine said...

I hear you on the cold! I have had more coffee and tea this week, just to keep warm! How wonderful for you to meet with Lea! She is such an encourager. Good luck with the car, my son had to make a Kinder egg launcher! Cool but difficult!

secondofwett said...

So sorry...I always failed science projects! Wow, sounds like you had a little lovely to visit w/a fellow blogger! I would love to see Tennessee again....maybe someday!

Jen said...

Good luck with the science project! Sounds like you had a fun and exciting adventure, glad you got home safely. Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about wanting to cover up instead of exercise. If I'm up for it, I sometimes wash the dishes or do laundry...straight from the dryer warmth in the cold is great.

Sounds like a wonderful visit with Mrs. Lea. I am a total homebody too...visiting one-on-one is the best. I don't do crowds too well.

I couldn't even make the balloon move at all, so I hope someone else can be of help with that.

withpatience said...

Wow! Sounds like you guys had a doozy of a snow storm! Glad you are back safe at home;-) It's been on my mind so I'll say something. . .sorry for referring you a vegetarian to Pioneer Woman for recipes. If I had my head on straight I never would have. Please forgive a mommy who has very little sleep due to a teething baby girl. . .