Friday, September 10, 2010

Coffee Talk 9.10.10

Good Morning Ladies! Come on in a sit a spell! I will be enjoying some nice cold water this morning, what about you? I am hoping to maybe replace my blender this weekend so I can again enjoy my green has been too long.

I missed visiting last week because we were on our way to Louisiana for some much needed R&R. It was a great trip...especially for Tigerfan who needed to get away after several greuling weeks at work. We went to the camp I have told you about a few times before. The kids got to swim, ride golf carts through the woods and we spent a good bit of time watching this little guy.
My very first "in the wild" alligator. He was searching for supper here, I think but the next day we caught him sunning out on a log. During this trip we also had a couple of break throughs with Tigercub. We forgot the pack and play and so we decided to just let him sleep in a big bed and hope for the best. He was so excited to get to be in a big boy bed that I think he just plumb forgot to ask for his pacifiers...I know, he is almost three and he still slept with not one, but three pacifiers...sometimes you just have to pick your battles, people! Anyway, he didn't ask and I didn't offer and other than one little incident since, he has never asked for them again. It is the easiest break from pacifiers we have ever had...just another one of God's little blessings. Now, if he would just decide to potty train himself, I think we would have this whole parenting thing all wrapped up!

The only thing I really hated about the trip is that we missed getting to visit with dear friends. One family there "adopted" me when we first moved to LA 13 years ago. I was 6 months pregnant with our first child, moving to hubby's hometown where the only people I knew were my husband and his sister and her husband. This family became my adopted parents. They cooked for us, took me to the doctor, babysat my sickly little one...such blessings. I miss them terribly and am still a little heartbroken that we didn't even get to see them. The other person I would have loved to visit was our very own Mrs. Lea, also known as CiCi. This is the second or third time we have gone to visit and I have missed out on a "live meeting" and it makes me sad...however, Tigerfan really needed the relaxing so I guess I'm not allowed to whine too much!

As for the rest of the week...Monday night we got home in time to watch MY team, Boise State. I really am not a huge football fan, but there are two teams that get cheered on around here. LSU and BSU. If you watched the game, you will know that Monday night...I almost had a heart attack! But my boys pulled it bout those Bronco's! The rest of the week has been crazy busy. I am trying to look at our schedule and see what we can cut or tweak to make it more manageable. I'm pretty sure we shouldn't be this worn out this early in the school year. But it is so hard to cut...ya know, the things we do are good things, it is just hard to know if they are the best things.

Anyway, this weekend I have a brunch with my Bible Study ladies and we will be closing the pool and hopefully doing some major reorganizing as we have now moved Tigercub into B.B.'s bed, B.B. into F.B.'s bed, and F.B. into the guest room downstairs. There are closets to change up, a baby bed to dismantle, and dressers to change up. Oh, and I almost forgot that I totally want to attempt making homemade Poptarts from another Company Girl, The Sticky Cook. Ya my free time.

Hope everyone has a great weekend, I look forward to visiting with all the Company Girls who join in to Coffee Talk! Blessings!

P.S. Please overlook any spelling errors my !@#$ spell check WILL NOT WORK!!!


Jhona O. said...

I kept scrolling back up to see that alligator! Great picture and he looks like he's smiling:) I hope you are able to accomplish everything you set out to do this coming week. I look forward to the fellowship of my fellow Bible study ladies every week. It's definitely the highlight of my week! I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Many blessings!

Diane said...

It really is hard to see the difference between "good" and "best" sometimes, isn't it? Love the alligator photo, though I hope you used a telephoto lens!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you and your fam. got that little break. Sounds divine!

I had a similar thing happen with my 2 year old and the paci. Isn't that awesome when we don't have to do anything. I did however have to use that nasty fingernail polish stuff on my 4 year old who sucked her two middle fingers. I've caught her at night in her sleep still sucking them. I've got to keep putting that polish on.

Potty training...yeah...well...all I have to say is...have you ever known a 16 year old that wasn't?? We'll get there.

Hope you have a great weekend! Praying for as you look to find the balance with all the activities. I'm with you there!! I just keep reminding myself this is a season that won't last all that long. And when ya have several children it doesn't take but one activity per kiddo to make the mom run around like a crazy woman! I only have 3 out of the five doing outside activities and whew I hardly know if I'm coming or going.
Hang in there!

Nemo said...

Sounds like you had a lovely getaway!
That aligator is cute!! He's just a little baby isn't he? Looks small.
That's a real blessing how your little one got over the pacifier(s)!!
He's obviously proud to be a "big boy" now and cant have the pacifier if he's a big boy! Hehe... too cute!

secondofwett said...

It's so great when you can have a lovely holiday with your family! My little grandaughter has declared that she doesn't want to wear 'big girl panties' that she wants to wear diapers..Oh Lord, help us....when they can talk about it then they definitely need to be doing it...especially when nana has to change the diapers! Getting back into the routine of things sure does wear you out!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you got to take a break from the normal routines. I'm sure you came back a little more refreshed.

I'll have to let Melody know you went to Louisana...and show her that alligator pic. We've been learning the states over here and Lousiana is one of the ones she can locate.

And hooray for not asking for the pacifier. It's the little things. Hope it continues. We have a thumb sucker over here so hopefully that's end by itself soon. She sucks it a lot less now than even a few months ago.

And sounds like some rearranging going on. I'm looking forward to the day when we can say goodbye to the Boppy and the crib. We'll have to have some kind of party. =p

Enjoy your weekend!

Jen said...

Our battle with the paci was much worse -- yay for the times when things are actually easy with children!

My husband, who is from Louisiana, had a rough night Monday night, too. SO glad they won!

Dawn @ P.S.He loves you.. said...

Busy girl! so what do you put in your green drinks..i"m getting a little bored of mine..still drinking this just bored ;)

Shauna said...

OH MY GOSH! How did you convince your oldest to move downstairs? Our children are growing up. Peyton is loving middle school. She is playing the violin and thinks it is fantastic. I have not yet had to listen to "beginner practice" sounds. How did mom do it? Me on the clarinet and you on the flute - she is an angel! Glad to see your post. Wish things had worked out differently with the Mr. and his "opportunities". We miss you out here in Bronco land. Love you!

Lea said...

Oh, would have loved to have seen you, but I so understand ya'lls need to just "be." So glad ya'll had a nice getaway for the long week-end. I've been out of town too and just now catching up on visiting. So happy that you were able to "kill two birds with one stone" on the big bed and the pacifier. That was a blessing! Hope you and your sweet family have a great week! Love you!

dawn said...

we had a similar pacifier situation in our house. My daughter had a hard time giving them up--literally grieved them--it was heart wrenching. I did not look forward to the process with my son. But one night we were out and the babysitter forgot to give him his pacifier when he went to bed--and he went right to sleep. So they were gone from that unintentional moment. Hooray for no pacifier!

Aiming4Simple said...

That's great that you could get out into nature for a bit. Sounds like it was refreshing for all.

We finally turned the corner with potty training our youngest this summer, though vigilance is still necessary. His sisters are great cheerleaders. I think the hardest part is how all-consuming it is for the parent doing the training!

May you be encouraged this week by the God who loves you and keeps his promises.

jennibell said...

It's always good checking in with you. . .your schedule makes mine feel more "normal" -- ha! And I do mean that in the best of ways. . .too many things in too few hours, and hard to find where to trim.
Glad you got away (and so sorry you missed seeing dear friends -- I hate that when that happens!) and that gator picture was *great*. Here's to a calm, scheduled week where (most) everything falls into place, just as it should. Blessings to you.