Thursday, June 24, 2010

What You Should NEVER Tell Your Mother

Yesterday, the crew was sitting around the table at lunch. F.B. started kidding his Daddy about being fat. Because he does not have the best eating habits and has a strong dislike for anything in the fruit or vegetable group, I gave him this warning: "You better watch what you say, your day is coming!"

Tigerfan responded that indeed, he gained weight after he got older. In the cocky 13 year old way, F.B. said, yeah, but you said you were always husky. So, I got in on the action. I responded that I had been skinny as a rail growing up and into my early adulthood and look at me now. His response..."Mom, your not THAT fat!"


Anonymous said...

oh kids do say the darnest things. my former sunday school students now understand what we were telling them about weight gain after a certain age. freshman 15 doesn't help any either since they're all in college now. =p

for the sushi for father's day, we're not big fans of the raw stuff, but baked salmon on top of rice maki (rolls) with crab, definitely! all the rolls we ordered were baked, except one. i never took a liking to "sushi" before discovering the baked stuff. =p besides that, we had some teriyaki chicken and katsu donburi (breaded pork chop with rice), which isn't too "out there".

Lea said...

Ouch! but you must admit, it is pretty funny and one of those statements that you will NEVER let him forget. Have a super great week-end!