Monday, November 3, 2008


Okay, in the interest of time and sanity...we are going with the brief, not at all amusing, but terribly cute, holiday in pictures. We always go to our church's Halloween alternative Fall Fun Fest. This year, Baseball boy was invited to a friend's to go trick or treating. We allowed him to go because he was sooo excited and had never been trick or treating before! Thus, I have no pictures of the little guy...don't judge me, I am doing the best I can!

Anywhoo...we went the route of cheapness on costumes. Baseball boy wore his LSU jersey and borrowed football pants and pads. Voila--football player!

Tigerfan reprised his role as LSU superfan adorning himself with as much purple and gold as he could find. Last year, Tigerfan even painted his face like a tiger...this year, no face paint, oh well!

Dancer was going as an LSU cheerleader (do you see a theme here?) until Thursday. Thursday, she had rodeo day at tutorial and loved being a cowgirl so much, she decided to go with that.

Tigercub suffered at the hands of a tired mommy and had no costume. Nothing.

So, Friday morning I had to go get a haircut and my "stylist" asked what the kids were wearing. She said I should dress Tigercub like a cowboy. I said I had considered that but all I had for Tigercub was bluejeans. When she was through with my hair, she volunteered to put Dancer's hair in some cowgirl braids and then told me to wait a minute. She disappeared upstairs and returned with tiny little boots, vest and chaps for Tigercub! What a blessing!

Okay, so here are the pictures...Halloween '08:

Please notice the lovely Halloween decoration (aka: dead fern) that is gracing my front porch!

The kids had loads of fun, and fortunately for me, decided riding horses, climbing rock walls and bouncing in hoppers was way more fun than playing "silly" games for, although we have plenty, we did not come home with the extreme amount of sugar that we have in the past! Which is another blessing considering my struggle with pre-holiday weight loss!

The final Halloween blessing, which, actually, was the first was a little surprise gift from CJ, the Purple Diva, she sent my kids a wonderful box of Halloween goodies (which they finally got once I convinced Tigerfan it wasn't a gift from a crazy person filled with anthrax) just because she is the absolute sweetest thing on earth! You really must go check her out if you don't already because she will make you laugh EVERY DAY!!! And her energy level, at least on her blog, is comparable to that of a two year old boy...need I say more?


Aimee said...

Very cute! And I am still hoping my church will start a Halloween party thing so that I can opt out of the trick-or-treating :)

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

AND YOU ARE THE SWEETEST THING IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD! LOL Thanks so much for the shout out and thank GOODNESS the kids were able to eat their treats! You are just the best!