Friday, September 2, 2011

Yes, We are Still Living Around the Tigerden!

Wow, it has been a long time!  I cannot believe it has been over two months since I have blogged.  I have no excuse, it is just life rolling along and me trying to keep up!

So, here is the summer in a nutshell.  Swimming, VBS, Sports Camp, trip to Idaho, trip to Louisiana to see (from quite a distance) Troy from Swamp People, VBS (yes, again!) trip to the beach and getting ready for school.

I know, it seems like there should have been some time in there, but between packing for trips, going on trips and doing laundry when we got home from trips, it seems the summer was just all about trips and now here we are back to school and I am wondering where the lazy days of summer went.

Along the way, I would take a picture here or there because I totally meant to blog can see how that went for me.  So, here are a few top pics...okay, these are not necessarily the best, they are the ones that have actually made it to my computer!

So, in no particular order because Blogger has changed things around and after trying to adjust and losing the pictures three times, I am giving up!  Above we have Tigerfan's beloved Troy from Swamp People.  We opted out of the six hour line to actually meet him...but he did at least get this picture...that is almost as good, right!
 We got a picture of all the grandkids while we were in Idaho, quite a feat to get a decent picture of nine kids including two teenagers and a 3 year old...but my daddy is awesome and he managed it!
And here, of course, we have the beach...c'mon, you didn't really think I would show you a picture of ME on the beach did you?  This was Dancer and Tigercub's first trip and they LOVED it!  B.B. happened to have one of his dearest friends there at the time and spent a day hanging out with him.  He came back having had a great time AND having tasted his first alligator...he was hooked!  (Really, alligator?)

Anyway, we are now begrudgingly back at school.  The kids are getting back into the swing of things and I am able to get up every morning and not feel like bursting into tears at the thought of another year of this.  I know, not very positive but that is better than our first week back!

Okay, I have now gone through three sessions of trying to get this pseudo update written and I really must go teach something.  I hope everyone has had an amazing summer and I will try to get around to visit as many of you as I can!  Blessings to you!

BTW, in case there is any doubt...this weekend will be filled with college football!  LSU vs. Oregon and BSU vs. Georgia all in one night!  (Geaux Broncos!)  Ha...just to get under Tigerfan's skin!  :)

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Diane said...

This is the start of the "so much sports you can't decide what to watch" season. Wisconsin hit the trifecta last night - Brewers vs. Cardinals, Packer game and University of Wisconsin football (Brewers lost, the others won). If the President's speech preempts the start of the Packers-Saints game next week, you will hear a huge roar from Wisconsin!

The grandkids' picture is adorable - love the matching shirts! I'll pray for your mornings; I know the feeling, and there is nothing worse than facing the day with only a "let's get through this" kind of feeling.

Kelly C said...

Yes, it seems like all of life is a whirlwind. What a wonderful summer. Loved the matching shirts pic also.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you...for some reason it felt like the longest summer ever, but then again, it flew by so quickly! We had our first day of "community day" for our homeschool program, and I am so out of it. What a long morning...trying to fight off what seems to be allergies which turned into a cold? I have no idea. This weather is not helping. Have a good school year!

Katharine said...

I'm not sure why they call them the "lazy" days of summer?! Great grandkids picture, what a treasure. Have a wonderful week!

Ashley Pichea said...

Welcome back to the blogosphere!! Glad you enjoyed your summer!!

jennibell said...

Good to hear from you!! Love the cousins picture -- my sister and I have one done every year but there are only 6 of them. Your summer sounds like mine. . .go, go, go. I was actually kind of looking forward to school starting so we could have a routine and an excuse to *not* go anywhere. Of course, I was hoping that the school year would start with *all* of us going to school but, alas, I didn't get a job and returning the kids to their old school wasn't an option for us. . .so. . .here we are, "flexible" schooling again. It's actually going quite well -- I think we're in week 5 maybe?
Have a great long weekend and enjoy all those ball games. I agree, it's hard to upload pictures on blogger and such but it would be way worse to try to figure something else out -- ha!

Carmen said...

Sounds like you've got your hands full! I will definitely be praying for you!!... I LOVE Laramie and that "beautiful little church" you stay across from is my church home! It's incredible. The church community at Laramie Valley Chapel is so welcoming and loving! We'd love to have you the next time you're in town.

Best wishes to you,

Shawna R. B. Atteberry said...

Wow you've been busy! No wonder you didn't have time to blog. It sounds like you had a wonderful summer. Good luck w/ getting back in the school routine. After a month of travel and play, I now need to get back into the writing routine.

I hope you have a good week!

Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

Wow! you really did have an "action packed" summer. Hope it is a smooth sailing school year and it's so good to be in touch with you. Always great to hear about you and your sweet family. Love you!

Joyful Dreamer said...

What a great summer! I love the pic of all the grandkids. How wonderful to get them all in one photo :)