Friday, June 10, 2011

Coffee Talk 6.10.11

Good morning ladies! It has been so long since I have been on here that I cannot even remember what was going on then. The days have been busy and blogging has fallen by the wayside. In order to not bore you to death with all the details, here is our life the past few weeks in a nutshell:

Dancer was finally brave enough to go forward and be baptized after a year and a half of trying to work up the courage!

School is out YAY! We aren't finished with math and will continue to do a little through the summer but the structure is out the window! Eventually I will have to get my act together and get grades turned in and start planning next year...that has not happened yet!

The day Tutorial ended I TRIED to get on a plane and head to Ft. Lauderdale to meet Tigerfan who was there for two weeks for work. After plane delays and going home for the night, I finally made it the next day and we got to spend a lovely weekend together (kid free). We shopped, I learned A LOT about South Florida culture (WOW!) and we visited Key West.
We FINALLY got the pool opened and have had people over swimming almost every day!

We have had VBS at church where I taught 1st grade and are now getting ready for a sports camp we do each summer for underprivileged children in our area.

Dancer had her dance recital (pictures eventually) and was a complete knock out! I celebrated my 39th birthday and today we celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary!

My Daddy introduced me to the world of Pocket Frog iPhone app and I have spent entirely too much time raising and selling virtual frogs (I know...pitiful!) and I have become completely and totally obsessed with the Casey Anthony trial.

So now you are totally caught up with the goings on in the Tiger den. Today will be full of swimming with friends, guitar lessons, library and feasting on egg rolls to celebrate 16 years of wedded bliss. Can't wait to catch up with all of y'all! Don't forget to check out Home Sanctuary for more (and more interesting) Coffee Talk!


Kelly C said...

What a highlight of your life to watch Dancer's baptism. Thanks for sharing. Hope you can find some time to relax and take a deep breath in your busy schedule.

Katharine said...

Congratulations on Dancers baptism(how awesome),school's completion, time with hubby,your birthday, your anniversary,and finding time for companygirl coffee after all of that! Whew, and I thought I was busy! :) Have a fabulous weekend!

Diane said...

Wow, it sounds as if your summer is off to a great start! Many congratulations to Dancer and her public profession of faith.

Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

Oh, I've missed you but knew you had your wagon loaded. I'm so glad that you and Hubby were able to get away and enjoy some "alone" time. Enjoy your summer and make a lot of memories! Love you!

jennibell said...

I've looked for you recently but I haven't been posting either so figured you were as buried as anyone else this time of the year. Thanks for the catch-up!!! Funny, I turned 39 this year and we will celebrate 16 years in a couple of weeks :) And yea for you with a weekend away -- so essential!!! Summer is off to a great start, huh?

Dawn @ simply transparent said...

sounds wonderfully busy!

A trip to the keys..sweet!

Blessed you are ;)

Kathleen @ Kath Ink said...

We just finished school on Friday -- although we still have math and a few other tidying up details. But somehow it feels nice to think that I am done!?!!

Happy 39th birthday and also Happy 16 year anniversary!

Blogging has certainly fallen by the wayside for me. I am finally at least visiting coffee girls today.

Rejoicing with you on the baptism of dancer! How wonderful. Thanks for the quick update & have a wonderful weekend.

Anonymous said...

Missed you!!!

Congrats to Dancer on her baptism! That is wonderful news.

I'm feeling behind because school is still in session (for those who are in school anyway) over here, and our VBS isn't until August!

Happy celebrating!!! And enjoy your summer!

hapi said...

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Sistergirl said...

Just hoppin by. I call that Mommy fun, lol