Friday, April 29, 2011

Coffee Talk 4.29.11

Good morning, ladies!

I have some OUTSTANDING baked oatmeal to share if you are interested and LOADS of Easter candy. I would love someone to take that off my hands because I REALLY need to get it out of the house.

I only have a moment this morning. I am administering standardized testing with our home school tutorial this morning so I have to zip out of here in a minute. I am a little bitter, however, that someone had the horrible planning to schedule this on the same day as the Royal Wedding. I'm gonna miss the kiss, people! It just isn't the same on the DVR! C'mon, Will and Kate, kiss already!

Seriously, though, it has been a LONG week here in the south. We were under severe weather advisories most of the week and spent much of it in our bathroom under the stairs or at our church in the "dungeon". Many areas around here were without power, many lost lots of trees and many had trees in houses, on fences, etc. One family in our church even had about 1/3 of their roof blown off! However, the relatively mild damage we have had here is nothing compared to the devastation of the areas south of us, Alabama and Georgia, who have been absolutely devastated by storm damage. My heart hurts so much for all of those people and my prayers go out to them constantly. It seems like so little for towns that are leveled, but we serve a powerful God who was not surprised by the storms and is fully able to hold those precious people under His wings and get them through this tragedy! How grateful I am to have that hope and knowledge and I pray all of my dear Company Girls do too!

Okay, I have to run...duty calls! Be sure to check Home Sanctuary for more Coffee Talk!

P.S. THEY JUST KISSED! I saw it! Woohoo!


Diane said...

So very glad you are safe. We've not yet heard the sirens go off for real this season here in SE Wisconsin, thankfully. The images from the south are so difficult to view - praying as well for comfort, safety and hands willing to help.

Danyelle said...

Happy you guys made it through safely and without any damage. We had a tornado hit a mile or so from our house and my husband had to rethink how he worked all week because of flooding but we were lucky here too in northeast Arkansas.

Becky said...

Glad you saw the royal kiss! lol. (you made me laugh with that comment. ha ha) I actually saw part of the ceremony but missed that part. lol. Hope your testing went well and glad to hear the storms missed you. We (VA) were spared from the damages as well. Have a blessed week! :)

Anonymous said...

Easter candy! Not much of an oatmeal fan, except for Cream of Wheat. I actually didn't have much Easter candy this year...just some Peeps that my sister gave me, and that's actually about it. I even forgot about the jelly beans.

If we had a TV I might have caught the wedding since I was up at an insane hour for no apparent reason. I'm sure I'll see lots of clips online in the next few days though.

I am glad you guys are safe. Praying for those who have lost homes or loved ones.

Happy standardized testing?

Marianne said...

Good to hear you are safe.
I actually didn't see or hear anything of the wedding till late Friday night when I finally turned on the TV. For someone like me who is from a country with a monarcy I was kind of disappointed by the coverage by the US tv stations of the wedding. They didn't mention any of the European royal families that attended the wedding. I could only see the Queen of Denmark who was wearing a really nice blue dress. Oh well, I will have to ask my mom to keep magazines for me so I can read all about it when I get home to Norway next.
I hope the kids did great on their tests.
Have a great week.

Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

Oh, so glad you got to witness "the kiss." How funny!

Well, we're into Day#2 with Bridget and Clancy and things are going well. You just do what you have to do and that's what we're doing.

You and your sweet family have a great week!

Kathleen @ Kath Ink said...

Glad to hear that you are safe from the storms. Hey, I made baked oatmeal for the first time this week. I am loving it!! And have been very excited about that.

How dare anybody schedule testing and a Royal Wedding at the same time!! People should consult us about things -- shouldn't they? So I don't have to miss anything?! Right?! I can so relate! And you got to see the kiss -- woohoo!!