Friday, September 25, 2009

Coffe Talk 9.25.09

Good Morning Ladies! Hope the morning finds you all doing well! Grab a Diet Soda or some Chocolate milk and a powdered donut...I know, my home isn't exactly a dieter's or a baker's dream lately, what can I say...the donuts were on the "oops we baked too much" rack and Dancer begged for them!

I can also offer you some chocolate revel bars which are usually a chocolate lover's dream come true. Unfortunately, I was baking and schooling at the same time and being somewhat distracted, I was a little creative with the recipe. A few left out ingredients, a few extra ingredients--a snack that can never be replicated, but hey, it is chocolate!

If you have ever been by here before, you may notice my new look. Now, I know some of you change blog designs frequently, but I have had this one ever since I moved to blogger at least 2 years ago! And...I did it myself! For a technology challenged person like me, that is impressive! Of course, it took at least 5 hours that I didn't have to waste and lots of frustration. My kids also didn't get the best education that day either! But I am excited to have done it, so I just had to take a moment to pat myself on the back!

In other weekly news, we are beginning plans for the ark that we are going to have to build soon. Ordinarily I get a little depressed when it rains non stop for two weeks. It really hasn't bothered me this time. My ferns are still alive! AND the weather has kept us from ball games, practices, and a couple of other extra curricular activities giving us one whole night this week at home. Total peace, it was beautiful! There is so much to be said for simplicity!

Finally, I am doing a Bible study by Voddie Baucham called "Ever Loving Truth" It is so very convicting. It talks about how politically incorrect it is to speak the truth of Jesus in our culture, but how necessary it is. I have really had it impressed upon me that I need to be more bold and not sit quietly by in order to "keep peace" or not offend anyone. So last night, on FB, an old high school friend made a comment about saying the pledge of allegiance in school but taking out the portion that says "under God". It is funny, because even though I won't see any of those people, probably ever, as I typed a response defending the Name of God, my heart just is so amazing how much we desire to fit in with a society that goes so against what we believe! Anyway, in a very small way, I stood up for my faith. I hope that as I proceed through this study and grow, that I will become more willing and more able to speak the truth.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. We have a busy day, with school, a haircut for Tigercub, guitar and dance. And ball tomorrow...if we haven't floated away before than! For more Coffee Talk, check out Home Sanctuary!


Anonymous said...

Good Morning! I'd love one of your chocolate revel bars! I was just thinking as I grabbed my cup of coffee after my quiet time, "I need something sweet to go with my coffee." Actually I don't NEED anything. Besides I'm making cheesecake today for a get together at my home this evening...I will partake!
Hang in there...rumor has it the rain is about to come to an end. I have stir crazy kids who've been singing "Rain rain go away" for days now. The kids are also studying astronomy this semester and are on the chapter about the sun...really hard to do the projects when the sun hasn't made an appearance in weeks.
Love, Voddie Baucham! In fact he's going to be speaking at our states HS conference this year. WOOHOO! My dilemma is it happens to be the same weekend of my daughter's dance recital. I'm still trying to figure out how to do both.
Thanks for the sweets! Have a wonderful and hopefully dry weekend!

JadeLD said...

Cholcolate - yummy, sometimes it's good to mix a recipe up a bit and you're right the most important ingredient is the chocolate!

Great blog look, it does feel great when you master something on blogger and get a look you are happy with - well done.

I agree that sometimes it's easier just to just 'keep the peace' and sit back, it's great to hear that you are standing up for what you believe in - go for it!

Growin' with it! said...

i'm grinning this sound so good!!! and from one who does change their design more than one it. GOOD job! i needed that perspective on rain. it has really got me down this week and i needed a good reminder of the ways it provides for more inside family time.
have a fabulous weekend and here's to more opportunities to stand up for our wonderful Jesus!!

Debbie said...

Hot Chocolate and powdered donuts - yum! I'll just add some coffee to my hot chocolate and make my own mocha. =)

And I love your blog design - so pretty and elegant. Good for you!

Thanks for breakfast!

Kerri said...

Thanks for the chocolate!! Chocolate milk is my favorite. Have a great weekend...hope you don't have to build that ark!

Ang said...

I do hope the rain will slow down for you or you could send a little rain to me. We had some but not enough. I love the look of your blog, Good Job!! Hopefully you will have a great no rain weekend.

Jo said...

I love the new blog design, it looks very nice. Well done for standing up for the Name of God, even if you were a little scared.

I hope you get some better weather soon.

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Love chocolate milk!! We need some rain over here, it's been a dry few years. Glad you all enjoyed some time together. Have a good Bible study, and good for you for standing strong in the faith. Take care this weekend.

Jhona O. said...

Powdered doughnuts are my favorite(the only ones I'll eat)! I do enjoy changing my blog around. It did take a long time for me to figure out how to change my blog around at first. You will get faster! I enjoyed your blog very much. Have a blessed day!


Jessie Geroux said...

I love Voddie, havent seen him in person myself but he has been in town at our church doing the Mens Breakfast/retreat thing and my hub always brings home his dvd...If you cant say Amen, better say Ouch. He is very convicting and gifted.

Kim said...

Congrats on the new layout, it looks beautiful.

Rachel Anne said...

Love, LOVE the new look! Awesome job! How did you find the image that you chose? It is a great look for you...just what I would imagine you to enjoy!

Powdered donuts are a secret treat for me...we usually only get those on road trips or sleepovers so it feels fun to have them.

Dawn @ P.S.He loves you.. said...

Great JOB!

Love good Bible studies thanks for sharing..I'm in one of Beth Moore's right now called "Living beyond yourself~ fruits of the spirit"


Shawna R. B. Atteberry said...

Wow your chocolate revel bars sound great. I'm a fairly new company girl stopping by to say hi. Your new blog design looks great. I'm lucky--My Hubby is a computer programmer, so he does my technical website stuff. Thank goodness.

mholgate said...

Mmmmmmmm! Chocolate! I'm sitting here having a white chocolate mocha this morning. Homemade. :) I'd be glad to share with you!

I am ready to welcome the rain. (Although I can't say we need to build an ark when we get our rain. We just have to dig our way out of the snow in the winter!) Our lawns are looking rather sad these days. We finally turned on the sprinklers yesterday, but it may be too late.

I was thinking about the pledge of allegiance the other night at my kids' open house. It's hanging on the wall in all three of my kids' rooms. It made me wonder just how long the phrase "one nation under God" will stay in it.

I was a Girl Scout clear through high school. Now I am investigating getting my daughter involved. I still believe it's a good idea but one thing bothers me. The Girl Scout promise now has a disclaimer. Where it says "to serve God" they say "Girl Scout policy states that the word "God" may be interpreted depending on individual spiritual beliefs. When reciting the Girl Scout Promise, "God" may be substituted with the word dictated by those beliefs." I'm not sure how I feel about that.

Well, have a great day!

Mary Ann said...

I just changed my blog design this week, the first non-blogger look in 4 years of blogging. As far as the basic blogger layouts go, I only had 2 of them in 4 years! What can I say? I'm resistant to change. hahaha Anyways, I love my new look; I still want to do something to the header-maybe in 4 more years? LOL!!!

Your blog looks great!

secondofwett said...

Good for you in changing your blog design....I couldn't do it if my life depended on it....I do very little baking around here anymore cause drama daughter loves to bake! Good for me! I hope the rain lets up soon for you...or not if you want less activity time!

Lea said...

Do love your new blog design and I do realize how much time that can take. Always enjoy reading your blog and sharing in your family's lives.

Kim said...

Sounds like I need to do that bible study. I too tend to sit quietly in faith and would have also had heart "trouble" when typing the response. Good for you. I know God is proud of you.